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Disputes over child custody commonly cause a great deal of emotional stress and often make the divorce process continue longer than necessary. Both parents feel strongly about protecting their relationship with the children, and litigation over custody, child support and visitation can become complex and heated. The team at The Graves Law Firm can help ease you through the experience by representing you in negotiations and working to see that you get the outcome you are hoping for. It is important to achieve a custody plan that serves the best interests of everyone involved.

In order to avoid having to file for a modification of child custody, it is important to work out an agreement that will not cause undue strain on either parent or on the children. The plan should foster a workable relationship between you and your former spouse for the sake of the children. If you have concerns over the potential for neglect or abuse, you can take action to seek full custody. Similarly, you can challenge any proposed relocation of your children that would make it difficult for you to maintain a relationship with them.

Parenting Plans in California

In California, child custody is often managed through the implementation of a parenting plan. Also known as a custody and visitation agreement, it sets out the parents' decisions regarding how will split child custody and what visitation will look like. There are two major parts to this plan.

  1. First is the time-share agreement. This lays out a schedule regarding how much time each parent can have with the child.
  2. The second aspect is in regards to decision making. Raising a child will involve education, healthcare, religion, and more, and this plan can help clarify how the parents are going to work through these issues.

This parenting plan will become official once it has been signed by both parents, signed by a family court judge, and then filed with the court. Parents are urged to consider what is in the best interests of their children when creating these plans.

Domestic Violence & Child Custody Issues

What happens in child custody cases where there were past instances of domestic violence? When this is the case, there are several different options available of how to proceed. If you or your children are in danger, you should contact the authorities as soon as possible. If you fear that abuse may potentially be a problem during visits, you could request supervised visitations. When it is determined to be in the best interests of the child, the judge may order that a child is only allowed to be with a parent if a third party is present the entire time.

Other reasons supervised visits may be ordered is if the parent and child did not have a relationship previously or there were concerns regarding the mental or emotional health of the parent. In serious cases of domestic violence, the parent may be ordered to not see the child at all or attempt to contact them.

Why hire our Pasadena divorce firm?

The Graves Law Firm strives to keep children out of the divorce. All too often, struggles between parents over custody rights lead to long-term emotional scarring of the children. The firm respects the value of a child having strong relationships with both parents, and she works to help her clients come to workable agreements which promote the happiness of all concerned. They get to know their clients in order to find out what would be the best solution for the future.

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