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Custody plans require modification for a variety of reasons. One of the most common situations is when the parent who was awarded sole custody has decided to move and needs approval for the relocation. Another example is if either parent has had a change in their work schedule and needs an adjustment to a shared-custody agreement or visitation plan. If you need to alter a custody agreement for any reason, it is necessary to obtain a legal modification from the court, because failure to abide by the official plan can lead to charges of contempt of court, as well as the fact that verbal agreements cannot be enforced.

A Glendale divorce lawyer can help you with every aspect of your child custody modification, from drafting a petition with the best chances of persuading the judge to approve your request, to working to secure the cooperation of your ex-spouse. California family law advocates the best-possible living situation for children in the state, and your modification must be presented as being beneficial for everyone involved. You may be able to have full custody awarded to you if your ex-spouse has married and you can prove that the new home environment is unhealthy for your children due to reasons of neglect or abuse.

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In the years after your divorce has been finalized, it is likely that circumstances will change and make the terms of your custody agreement unworkable. At The Graves Law Firm, you will find effective solutions to assist you with seeking a modification. They will take the time to fully understand your needs and your objectives in order to help you draft a modification request and represent you with the goal of gaining approval from the judge as quickly as possible.

Contact a Pasadena & Beverly Hills divorce lawyer for help with any modification to a child custody plan.

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