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When a child does not live with both of their parents, the court may have to step in to determine how responsibility of the child will be split up. Taking care of a child is both a right and a responsibility. Parents should be there for their children to make decisions regarding their upbringing as well as being there for emotional support. One aspect of raising a child which can bring with it complications is financial responsibility. Child support is often disputed following cases of divorce or legal separation. Child support is a court-ordered amount of money where the parent has to provide a monthly sum for the purpose of helping with the expenses of the child.

In order for child support to become a court order, paternity must first be established. If the parents were married at the time the child was born, paternity is assumed under law. If, however, the parents were not married, the situation could become more complicated. A declaration of paternity may need to be signed or a DNA test requested, depending on the unique case. Once this is done, the court can begin to order the support. These payments can continue from the time the child is born until they are 18. In some cases, this can increase to the age of 19 if they are still enrolled in high school.

How is child support determined?

How much support can be ordered for child support? There is no cookie-cutter answer for this question as there are several different factors which will affect the amount. First of all, the judge will examine how much money each parent earns or has the potential to learn. Every type of income they earn will be included in this as will the tax status of each parent. The judge will also take into consideration how many children the couple had together and how many children there are from other relationships. If one parent has sole physical custody of the children, this will also affect the support amount. The costs of raising the child (education, outside activities, healthcare, special needs, etc.) will also affect the case. The California court system also provides a child support calculator so that families can get a rough estimate of how much is owed.

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If you are a parent that is intending to divorce, contact an attorney from the office to discuss the laws pertaining to support. A skilled family lawyer can help you work out agreements with your ex-spouse on both a temporary and permanent basis, and provide skilled representation at your hearing.

The Graves Law Firm is a respected family law firm that provides advice and advocacy representation to clients seeking to legally end their marriage. The firm understands the special needs of divorcing parents, and will provide compassionate legal assistance throughout your case. The firm can help mediate custody agreements and child support if necessary, as well as provide dedicated representation at your hearing. They are committed to protecting your rights and interests, and can help you achieve your divorce goals.

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