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In divorce cases involving minor children, child support is often awarded to the parent with primary custodial responsibilities. Decisions regarding the amount of support are often made by the court based on various statutes and guidelines. Once an agreement has been worked out, it can be difficult to change. Any modifications must be reviewed by the court, and are usually only approved when there has been a change in circumstances, such as:

  • A change of job
  • An increase or decrease in an ex-spouse's income
  • Cost of living increase
  • The changing needs of the child
  • A parent becomes ill or disabled
  • A child has a medical emergency or health crisis
  • A parent takes on more child-rearing responsibilities

If you are seeking a child support modification, or your ex-spouse has requested a change in your support agreement, consult a Glendale divorce lawyer from The Graves Law Firm. The firm can explain the modification process in detail, and provide legal advice regarding the changes. They have helped many individuals with divorce-related matters such as child support, and can give you caring advice and guidance regarding modifications.

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When parents of minor children divorce, a support agreement is often needed to ensure their welfare. Changing an existing agreement requires submitting a petition to the court requesting a modification. The firm can help prepare your petition and provide skilled representation at your hearing. They have many years of experience working with divorced couples to resolve parenting issues. The Graves Law Firm provide attentive and compassionate legal support to their clients, and will make sure your rights and interests are safeguarded.

Contact a family law lawyer for dedicated legal counsel and representation if you are seeking a child support modification.

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