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Pro athlete? Need help with child support or visitation?

If you are a professional athlete, you need to be aware of what you can expect from a child support and visitation proceeding. You will need specialized legal advice on how, child custody, support, and alimony work from a Los Angeles family law attorney from our firm.

Child custody and support cases can be complex enough; those involving athletes can have increased public attention and even more complicated court hearings given their sizeable incomes, so you need a firm with experience with such cases and the competence to handle yours with professionalism.

Trusted Counsel for all Areas of Family Law

The Graves Law Firm is very well-acquainted with California laws regarding child support and visitation since we are dedicated to handling family law cases exclusively including those involving child custody, visitation, and child support. Our firm is committed to serving our clients by providing one-on-one attention.

Attorney Graves is an accomplished child custody attorney who has been included in the list of California's Super Lawyers® Rising Stars and Woman of the Year from Women in Business. You can trust her to handle your custody or support case with discretion.

How The Graves Law Firm can Help

Public figures such as athletes garner attention that is unlike any other person and their lives are often scrutinized by the media. Our Los Angeles child support lawyer understands you desire privacy and we are committed to protecting it at all costs.

The Graves law Firm can handle all aspects of your family law case including the following:

  • Prenuptial and postnuptial agreement litigation
  • Child support
  • Child custody
  • Complex property division
  • Spousal maintenance/support
  • Visitation rights

Our firm can keep the media at bay and can respond to requests for comment so you can stay out of the public eye.

Get the Child Custody Advice You Need

When determining custody of your child, courts will consider several factors in an effort to protect the child's best interests. Courts will consider the current relationship of both parents to the child, the child's preference if they are old enough, instances of domestic violence, the financial stability of each parent, each parent's lifestyle, and other issues,

From here the courts will award you custody or visitation rights as either legal or physical custody. Legal custody has to do with the right to make important decisions in the child's life such as medical or schooling decisions. Physical custody refers to whom the child will be living with the most.

Part of our success in handling child custody, support, and visitation for athletes is also our ability to interact with your advisers and management to provide comprehensive representation. In all areas, our firm works in your best interests whether you need help with a divorce, establishing child custody, visitation, or support, you can trust us to insist upon your rights.

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