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Fathers' Rights in Custody and Visitation Matters

Many times when parents divorce, some fathers do not know where to turn during this time and unsure how to navigate the court process and procedures. Many are unaware and unsure how to suggest equal custody for their children, how to determine child and spousal support and other factors.

This is when a Pasadena divorce attorney from The Graves law Firm can come alongside you and counsel you through this difficult time. Attorney Graves is Board Certified in Family Law and has been listed as a Rising Star in Super Lawyers® thanks to her commitment to upholding her clients rights at all times.

Personalized Legal Representation

Fathers have the right to pursue custody and visitation in divorce cases. An unmarried father also has the right to child custody and visitation after establishing their paternity. There are many issues that can arise pertaining to a father's rights that the firm can help you address.

During a divorce, fathers have certain rights such as:

  • Having an equal say in important decisions regarding children such as where they live
  • Disciplining the children
  • Being involved the his children’s lives, interacting with them, and spending time with them
  • Participating in parenting
  • Seeing school and medical records
  • Deciding which doctors and dentists his child sees and participating in medical decision-making

Included in these rights are certain responsibilities including financial support, protection from harm and neglect, and access to schooling and medical attention.

Protect Your Rights as a Father

Fathers are not required to go to court to obtain these rights, but they are already firmly established. This is because the state presumes a child born to married partners is their child. Even unwed fathers have the same rights once paternity has been established.

The Graves Law Firm is a qualified firm that will give you straight-forward legal advice regarding your situation. You can trust that our skilled Pasadena divorce lawyer will fight for your parental rights and ensure you are treated fairly at all times. Reach out to The Graves Law Firm today!

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