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Legal Separation Compared to Divorce

Couples choose legal separation for a variety of reasons. Many find it impossible to continue a happy marriage but refuse to divorce one another because of religious prohibitions. Legal separation allows them to cease the accumulation of community property and to resolve questions of property division without actually executing a divorce. Another common situation which calls for a legal separation is when the marital partners are intent on salvaging their relationship, but need to live apart for a period of time to avoid continual domestic disturbances.

California law requires a 60-day waiting period before a divorce can be finalized. It is common for a couple to file for a legal separation simultaneously with their divorce filing, in order to bring about the conditions of divorce as early as possible. Separation also provides an interim solution to those who want a divorce but have not lived in the state for the minimum term of 6 months. If you are considering divorce or legal separation, an experienced divorce lawyer can educate you about your options and help you with whatever route you choose.

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The legal team at The Graves Law Firm can assist you with every aspect of a legal separation. Whether or not you and your former spouse need mediation on topics such as spousal support/alimony and visitation rights, you will benefit from consulting with an attorney from the firm. There are many questions which will need to be addressed in your separation, and when you come to the firm, you will receive guidance through the entire process as well as representation to see that your rights are protected.

Contact a family lawyer for assistance with a legal separation as an alternative to divorce.

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