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There are many laws that pertain to the divorce to a legally married couple. Palimony is the term used to describe the settlement of assets when an unmarried, cohabitating couple ends their relationship, including the payment of support to a former domestic partner. Palimony is typically based on verbal or written agreements made during the course of the relationship. Issues pertaining to palimony are adjudicated in civil court as opposed to family court. When seeking palimony, a former domestic partner must prove:

  • The coupled lived together for a lengthy period of time
  • There was a verbal or written agreement to provide support
  • There was an implied agreement to provide support

In cases involving an implied agreement, it must be proven that the person either gave up a career to support the ex-partner, was responsible for maintaining the home so the ex-partner could work, or participated in the ex-partner's business activities. If your live-in relationship with another person is ending, contact a Pasadena divorce lawyer to find out if you qualify for palimony. You may be entitled to support based on your contributions to relationship and any sacrifices you made.

Are you seeking palimony?

California does not recognize common law marriages, but a former domestic partner can seek palimony in regards to the division of any property accumulated during the term of the relationship, as well as support. The Graves Law Firm is an established family law firm that provides legal counsel and representation to individuals seeking palimony. Many people in long-term relationships give up career and other opportunities in life to help their loved one. The firm will give you honest feedback regarding your rights to palimony and seek a fair settlement if your non-marital relationship is ending.

Contact a Pasadena palimony lawyer for knowledgeable legal counsel regarding your rights to palimony.

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