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When a married couple has children, the father is also considered the legal parent of the child. If an unmarried couple conceives a child, the mother will often need to establish paternity if she intends to pursue child support from the biological father. There are also situations in which the biological father may want child custody or visitation rights, which will also require the establishment of paternity. A divorce lawyer can provide valuable consul regarding paternity issues, and discuss in more detail the rights of each parent and the child after paternity has been determined. This includes:

  • The mother's right to pursue child support
  • The father's right to seek custody and visitation
  • The father's right to include the child in his health care plan
  • The father's right to dispute an adoption
  • The child's eligibility to receive the father's social security of death benefits
  • The child's inheritance rights under probate laws

The establishment of paternity begins with the filing of a petition with the court, after which the father will be ordered to take a paternity DNA test. The Graves Law Firm is a respected family law firm that has helped many clients resolve paternity matters, including individuals seeking the legal right to pursue support, as well as custody and visitation.

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Paternity is the legal acknowledgement of the biological relationship between a father and child. Unmarried couples often need to establish paternity to ensure their rights and the rights of their child are protected. The firm understands the sensitive aspects of paternity cases, and will provide the caring and considerate support needed throughout your case.

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