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Fair Division of Your Marital Property

The dividing up of a couple's property in a divorce is a complex and challenging area that needs to be handled with the utmost care. If you are concerned about protecting your financial interests in a divorce proceeding, you need to seek the help of a qualified and dedicated Pasadena divorce lawyer at The Graves Law Firm. The firm offers an initial consultation, at which time your case will be thoroughly reviewed and your next steps will be clearly explained. During this difficult time, you can rest assured that if the firm is retained, they will do everything possible to safeguard the best interests of you and your family.

California is known as a "community property" state, and the estate of married persons is classified as either community property (owned by both spouses during their marriage) or separate property (acquired by each person before the marriage or gained through inheritance). In a divorce, the court needs to know the type of community property that must be divided and the type of separate property that cannot be divided. This asset division can become very complicated, as illustrated by cases where married couples each used their separate assets to buy their family home and now are divorcing. Such intricate cases require the expertise of a skilled attorney in order to fairly determine the value of the family home. The firm understands such complexities and will use their extensive experience in tracking asset merging and to work to bring about a just property division settlement for you.

Work With a Pasadena & Beverly Hills Divorce Attorney

Determining your home's worth for a divorce property division can be complicated by factors that include:

  • How much the loan principle was reduced during the marriage
  • The home's appreciation
  • Who made the down payment and with what funds
  • Taxes, mortgage interest and home improvement expense

The firm focuses on helping couples reach agreements as quickly and amicably as possible, but are always considering the best interests of their client and children. You can be sure that when necessary, they will strongly stand by you and your children.

For high quality legal representation, contact a Pasadena & Beverly Hills property division attorney at The Graves Law Firm today.

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