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Splitting the Debt in Divorce

Making decisions such as who owes child support and how retirement accounts will be divided are important issues in a divorce, but dividing the marital debt is equally important. In many cases, couples owe a significant amount of money and feel extremely worried about their financial situation. Are you someone who is divorcing and anxious about your bills? If so, we can help. Get in touch with an experienced divorce lawyer at The Graves Law Firm as soon as possible to discuss your case. Just hearing their honest evaluation of your circumstances may serve to ease your anxiety. Contact the firm for help from a law firm that sincerely works to help you and is fully committed to your case and your cause.

In the property division section of the California Family Code is stated that divorcing couples are equally liable for all debts incurred in the marriage and prior to separation. The law doesn't differentiate between cases where the debt was acquired for one's sole benefit and cases where the debt was made for the family's needs. The law also doesn't factor in that a credit card may have been taken out in one spouse's name and not in the other's. In the eyes of the law all such debts are divided equally.

Following are some typical debts that are included in a divorce settlement:

  • Credit card debt
  • Home equity loans
  • Boat and vehicle loans
  • Vacation timeshares contracts
  • Family and business loans
  • Back taxes

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The firm of The Graves Law Firm provides total attention to their clients' needs, and works to protect their rights and those of their children. They try to achieve solutions in a non-confrontational manner, however, it is sometimes necessary to go to court and if that is the case, they will act as your advocate and will zealously protect your rights . As part of their five point guarantee, if they have been hired by you, the firm promises to "effectively and respectfully represent your interests in court."

To discuss your case and get onboard with a caring and skillful law firm, contact a divorce attorney at The Graves Law Firmat your earliest opportunity.

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