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Are you going through a divorce, paternity suit, or other family law matter? You could spend hundreds or thousands of dollars by hiring a family law attorney to handle the case for you. Why not have total control over your case and represent yourself with our firm's help? For a small monthly or yearly fee you could learn to represent yourself and have access to a wealth of documents, forms, and advice in The Family Law Attorney Vault brought to you by our divorce attorney.

The Graves Law Firm understands how difficult legal matters revolving around your family can be. During such a difficult time, you can turn to Attorney Graves who has been listed in California's Super Lawyers®Rising Stars and Woman of the Year from Women in Business. You can trust our firm to work in your best interest when offering professional advice, all of which we have put into building the Vault.

What is the Vault?

The Family Law Attorney Vault is an online resource of forms, tips, and other information regarding how to handle your family law matter yourself, without having to pay for expensive attorneys. The Vault has sections for family law legal advice, access to a real attorney, and all the legal forms you will need for your case.

Forms and information found in the Vault include:

  • Conducting discovery
  • Establishing a parental relationship
  • Filing for or responding to divorce
  • Requesting or changing a spousal support order
  • Preparing for hearings and trials
  • Requesting or changing Child Custody or Visitation orders
  • Division of property and assets

Even if a judge requires other, unique documents for your case, all you need to do is submit a document request and our Pasadena family law attorney can add it to the Vault.

Learn What it takes to Handle Your Own case

The Family Law Attorney Vault contains invaluable links where users can download articles, videos, tools, resources, and other instructional information to help you manage your case. The ins and outs of family law are explained in an easy to understand manner where you can learn what to expect at your trial and how to effectively negotiate with opposing counsel.

For a fraction of the price as hiring a family law attorney, you can have all the benefits of one while being able to handle the case personally. For either a yearly lump sum or monthly installments, you can have access to all the legal advice you will need!

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