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Divorces can present legal complexities and intense resentment between both parties. Whether it’s determining how property and assets should be divided or how much alimony the supporting spouse will receive, our firm is committed to helping you obtain favorable results and making the divorce process as stress-free as possible. At The Graves Law Firm, we consider every one of our clients as part of our family, which means we will do everything we can to help our family overcome any challenge.

Reasons to choose us include:

  • Attorney Graves is a Board Certified Family Law Specialist with the state bar of California

  • Attorney Graves was included in the list of California’s Super Lawyers® Rising Stars SM and Woman of the Year from Women in Business

  • Exceptional legal services

  • Diligently work on your case in a prompt manner

  • Offer a personalized case management plan to fulfill our clients’ unique needs

  • Respond to calls and emails within 24 hours

Protecting the Rights of Our Clients and Their Children

If children are involved in the divorce proceedings, our Glendale child custody lawyer can help you obtain the custody requirements and visitation schedule you desire. However, what’s most important is the best interest of the child, which leaves open the possibility of cooperating with the other party to provide your kid with continual contact until their adulthood.

California courts consider the following factors when determining the best interest of the child:

  • Child’s health and safety

  • Nature and frequency of contact between child and parent

  • Any history of abuse

  • Either parent’s use of alcohol, controlled substances or prescription drugs

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We understand how emotions can run wild in family law cases. With our vast knowledge of California’s legal system, our firm can provide our clients with precise, adequate answers to any of their questions and concerns. Let us help you begin a new chapter of your life.

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